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Based in Lynchburg VA since 2017, we have been providing professional and reliable 3D Printing services.

Our Story

Welcome to KKrane

Our Story

As a custom home builder of 20 years in Southwest Virginia, our founder Zach Baldridge was tired of delays onsite from unpredictable weather and mud pits. With his background in design, automation and art, he was certain there was a better way to make building more efficient while allowing for creative freedom never seen before in construction.

KKrane was primarily built on a need for improved construction timelines and to help exceed expectations of Zach’s clients in his prestigious custom home construction business. In addition, he saw a huge opportunity for design freedom in construction, which 3D printing was bringing to other industries.

Frustrated with weather delays and mud pits that delayed his subcontractors, ultimately affecting the timeline and frustrating his customers. These factors were just out of his control unless he could eliminate these steps from the build. With his engineering background, Zach set out to design and build a custom 3D concrete printer, where he could better control the exposure to weather and subcontractor delays. Printing inside our climate controlled factory allows for work to continue despite the weather outside.

During the process he realized this was an industry wide problem and he expanded the concept of KKrane to not only include his clients but offer this technology to builders and architects for their residential and commercial clients as well. Re-engineering radically changes how we conceptualize erecting buildings one panel at a time.

KKrane is here to solve a construction issue while building strong, energy efficient and creative structures


We offer reduced material costs, faster construction, and labor savings, all while ensuring workplace safety and structural integrity. Our buildings are resilient against fire, wind, floods, termites, mold, and our advanced technology grants unparalleled design freedom. Trust us for durable, innovative and cost-effective construction solutions.



Durable and sustainable construction, Extreme energy efficiency, Fast and reliable build execution, Easy design solutions.



Amazing design flexibility, Low maintenance sustainability, Safe and solid construction, Extreme energy efficiency.



Safe and solid construction, Design flexibility, Out-of-the-ground resilient timeline, Fewer subcontractors to coordinate, More cost efficient than traditional construction.


To request a meeting with our Residential Team, Commercial Team or just general questions about 3D printing send us an email or call our office. We are excited to connect with you. Thank you for reaching out to KKrane.


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